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[NOTE: All items below are from my private collection & are not for sale.]

I caught the collecting bug from my mother, an antique collector, who used to take me to antique shows and shops while growing up. I began collecting dolls in high school; concentrating on "celebrity" and "modern" dolls that represented the era in fashion and popularity. In 1995, my interest swayed and I began to collect vintage dolls from the 1960's and 1970's. Of the dolls I collect, my favorite is DAWN -- the 6-1/2" fashion dolls produced by Topper Toy Corporation bewteen 1970 and 1973.

Below are pictures of some of the rarest items in my Topper Dawn collection:

(Click on each photo to enlarge it)

Click here to enlarge photo of variation Glori dolls

ABOVE: "The Five Faces of Glori"
Left to right: Standard Glori with bangs and straight hair; Glori with side-part, curled hair, and no bangs; Glori with side-part, straight hair, and no bangs; the elusive ponytail Glori with hair pulled up on sides and tied with a gold knot on top of head; and the rare Glori with center part, straight hair, no bangs.

[NOTE: The "ponytail" Glori (pictured second from left) is the same doll advertised on all Topper promotional material. The origin of this doll (and the reason why so few were released) is not readily known. I cannot confirm but strongly suspect that this doll is a Montgomery Ward (MW) exclusive, because she is pictured for sale in their 1970 Christmas catalog.
Montgomery Ward was a retail department store that was licensed by several major toy-companies to sell variations of popular dolls. These variations were only available at MW and are, therefore, deemed Montgomery Ward exclusives.

Click here to enlarge photo of Beauty Pageant Doll & Cape

ABOVE: "Beauty Pageant Dawn"
wearing her hard-to-find cape and tiara, and holding her flower bouquet.

Click here to enlarge photo of odd HTT Angie

ABOVE: "Head-to-Toe Angie?"
This is an odd Head-to-Toe (HTT) Angie doll with Dawn's head, blue eyes, and facial features, and HTT Angie's hair color and packaging. Apparently this doll was created during/after Topper's demise and was only available overseas.
[NOTE: the stock outfit worn by this doll is a hard to find variation: the top half has a metallic-gold "swirl" pattern, rather than the standard (or more common) "zig-zag" pattern. Also, this doll is wearing blue (instead of the standard gold) shoes.

Click here to enlarge photo of April Majorette

ABOVE: "April Majorette"
This doll was released in very limited quantities and is the hardest to find Majorette. Curiously, the doll packaged inside is a standard Kip Majorette. (Note the cardboard insert and the blue feather which were both used for Connie Majorette.)

Click here to enlarge photo of Deluxe Beauty Pageant

ABOVE: "Deluxe Beauty Pageant Playset"
What makes this Beauty Pageant set "deluxe" is that it contains both the "hard-legged" Gary doll (dressed in "Black Tie 'n Tux") and Dawn's elusive Beauty Pageant Cape -- both which were available in the non-deluxe set through mail order only.
This "deluxe" version was produced in very limited quantities and is extremely hard to find.

Click here to enlarge photo of 4 1st Issue Dolls

ABOVE: "The Fab Four"
Here are the four who started is all: Dawn; Angie; Glori; and Dale in their first-issue boxes.

Click here to enlarge photo of Brunch Bag

ABOVE: "Dawn Brunch Bag"
In the early 1970's, Aladdin Industries was licensed by Topper to design two standard lunch boxes and one brunch bag for Dawn fans. Each was made of vinyl (depicting Dawn with friends in an outdoor setting), and came equipped with an inner glass-lined thermos. Of the three, the brunch bag (pictured above) is the hardest-to-find.

Click here to enlarge photo of NRFB Baby Doll Fluff

ABOVE: "Baby Doll Fluff"
This adorable baby-doll fashion (#618) is genrally hard to find complete and in mint condition, and is extremely hard to find boxed as pictured above.

Click here to enlarge photo of NRFB Cloak & Swagger

ABOVE: "Cloak and Swagger Fashions"
The elusive "Cloak and Swagger" fashion was released as a gown and as a pantsuit.

Click here to enlarge photo of Mirrors

ABOVE: "Durham Cameo Mirrors"
In 1970, Durham Industries was licensed to create "Dawn" hand-mirrors for little girls. These cameo mirrors (designed with a plastic profile of Dawn on one side, and a glass mirror rimmed in pink, yellow, or blue on the other) are hand-painted and were available in two sizes.
The smaller 7" mirror could either be purchased loose [see 24-mirror counter display in original shipping box pictured above, top] or on a blister card [pictured bottom right]. The larger 9" mirror was only available as a boxed set, such as the vanity mirror and comb set pictured above (bottom left).


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