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Hard-to-find Variations

[NOTE: All items below are from my private collection & are not for sale.]

Below are some of the variation Topper Dawn dolls I purchased here in the United States. As you will see, several of these pieces deviate from the norm in coloring, fashion, or packaging. Each piece is all-original and has not been touched-up or altered in any way.

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Click here to enlarge photo of rare loose dolls

ABOVE: "Rare Variations"
Left to right: Head to Toe Dawn with eyes glancing to her right (rather than to her left); the elusive "ponytail" Glori with hair pulled up on sides and tied with a gold knot on top of head. [NOTE: This doll's head mold is S11 and she is stamped "Japan" on her lower backside.]; a "brunette" Ron with brown-chocolate colored hair (rather than the standard blond); Glori with "center" part, straight hair, and no bangs; Dale with "straight" hair and "white" lipstick, wearing a hard-to-find knock-off of "Pride of the Prom".

Click here to enlarge photo of rare NRFB Standard dolls

ABOVE: Rare NRFB Standard Dolls
Left to right: Glori in Dawn's 2nd issue box wearing "Groovy Baby Groovy"; Angie in her 2nd issue box wearing her hard-to-find hot-pink mini variation of "Neat Pleats"; Angie in her 2nd issue box wearing her very rare blue-diamond stock mini; Dawn in her 1st issue box wearing "Gala Go-Go" [NOTE: This odd boxed doll came from a factory-sealed "Fashion Show" playset which I opened. You can imagine my surprise when I found this very unusual boxed variation (rather than the standard doll in plastic baggie) tucked inside]; rare Glori with side part, "straight" hair, and no bangs, in her 1st issue box; Glori with curly hair and no bangs in her 2nd issue box wearing the elusive green version of "Twinkle Twirl" [NOTE: the green "Twinkle Twirl" mini was also released in limited quantities as a stock outfit for the "Floral Stand" playset doll (as pictured on the "Floral Stand" box), and as a stock mini for standard Dawn in her 2nd issue box].

Click here to enlarge photo of rare NRFB Dancing dolls

ABOVE: "Rare NRFB Dancing Dolls"
An uncommon Dancing Glori with side-part, curly hair, and no bangs, dressed in one of Dancing Dawn's stock minis; another side-part Dancing Glori in Dancing Dawn's "swirl-patterned" mini; Dancing Dawn in her ultra rare yellow "flower power" mini; Dancing Dawn in standard Angie's lavendar mini; Longlocks in the purple "Flower Fantasy" mini [NOTE: this "Flower Fantasy" mini was also released in very limited quantities as a stock outfit for Dancing Angie].

Click here to enlarge photo of shawl variation

ABOVE: "Gold Go Round Variation"
This Model Agency Denise is wearing the elusive "metallic-gold" shawl which is a much sought after variation.

Click here to enlarge photo of odd boxed dolls

ABOVE: "Dolls Released During Topper's Demise?"
These Model Agency dolls are packaged in a standard (or non-"Model Agency") doll box. Unlike the oddities from Europe and Canada (pictured on page 3), each is dressed in a non-Topper or a Mattel "Rockflower" fashion, and the standard cellophane wrapping has been replaced with a plastic lid cover. It is believed that these are "factory clearance" dolls that Topper Corporation threw together after they filed for bankruptcy. Limitless variations exist.

Click here to enlarge photo of odd NRFB Dale doll

ABOVE: "Dancing Dale Oddity"
Here is a wonderful example of a factory error: a never-removed-from-box (NRFB) Dancing Dale with pin-straight hair that is spiked up like a punk hairdo.

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ABOVE: Some of my collection on display...


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