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Dawn's Competition...

[NOTE: All items below are from my private collection & are not for sale.]

Pictured below are a few of the imitation (or knockoff) items manufactured by other toy companies in the early 1970's. Understandably, other companies wanted to cash in on Topper's huge success with Dawn; however, most knockoffs lack the quality and the ingenuity which made Dawn so popular...

(Click on each photo to enlarge it)

Click here to enlarge photo of Montgomery Ward dolls

ABOVE: "Montgomery Ward Exclusive"
This "Glamour Trio" was advertised in Montgomery Ward's 1971 & 1972 Christmas catalogs as a Montgomery Ward department store "exclusive". All three have rooted eyelashes and a head made from Topper's head molds (although the head mold number is usually rubbed out). Each doll bears a striking resemblance to Dawn, especially the doll pictured on the far left, which collectors often refer to as the "orange-haired" or "red-haired" Dawn. Notice that the blond doll is dressed in standard Angie's stock mini.

Click here to enlarge photo of Petite Wig Boutique

ABOVE: "Petite Wig Boutique"
This wonderful set includes a Dawn-sized bald head, three wigs, comb, brush, and curlers. It closely resembles the "Fashion Queen" Barbie set that Mattel released in the 1960's. The head was made using Topper's Dawn head mold, and has a black painted scalp and rooted eyelashes.
I purchased the loose set (pictured on the right) with four -- rather than three -- wigs, and with the head attached to a non-Topper doll body. I don't know whether this set is a "deluxe" variation of the boxed set pictured left, or if someone put the head on a plastic body and added a fourth wig.

Click here to enlarge photo of Diana in rare Jessica Outfit

ABOVE: "Diana in Stripped Stewardess Uniform"
Here is a boxed Diana doll wearing an unusual stripped mini which is identical in design to standard Jessica's Stewardess uniform (down to the white belt and signature Dawn "N" fasteners). As far as I know, this mini was never released in the US as a stock outfit for standard Jessica. It was, however, released in limited quantities as a stock outfit for dolls released in Europe (such as Diana (as pictured above); and as one of the fashions from the 1973 "Rio Collection" manufactured by Palitoy for Dawn's British rival "Pippa." [NOTE: I purchased a boxed "oddity" from Italy that is wearing this mini with blue shoes. The doll is packaged in Dawn's 2nd issue box, and has Model Agency Maureen's face/head mold and Head-to-Toe Angie's short brunette bob].

Click here to enlarge photo of Horsman Bedknobs & Broomsticks set

ABOVE: "Bedknobs & Broomsticks Action Bed"
In 1971, Horsman released this wonderful set representing actress Angela Lansbury (as the Disney character Mrs. Price) and her magic flying bed. Like Topper Dawn, this doll is 6 1/2 inches tall and has rooted eyelashes. The bed is battery-operated, and moves and spins just like in the Disney movie.

Click here to enlarge photo of knockoff hand mirror

ABOVE: "Little Dream Girl Dress Up Set"
This child's vanity set closely resembles the licensed Dawn mirrors pictured on page 1.

Click here to enlarge photo of imitation Gary doll

ABOVE: "Odd Gary Look-Alike"
This doll bears an incredible resemblance to Dawn's boyfriend, Gary, and is dressed in a tuxedo just like the Beauty Pageant playset Gary doll. However, this doll is made of inferior hollow (and almost see-thru) plastic, and has stiff limbs that do not move at the joint or bend. I cannot tell if he has any markings on his body since his clothes (which are also cheaply made) cannot be removed. I think this is the male doll from the "Bavarelli Le Fotomodelle" series of Dawn look-alikes which were manufactured and sold in Italy.


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