My mind is my own. It was reared without malice and prejudice. It is strong enough to challenge the written word and to seek facts for validity. It is sensible enough not to believe everything it reads or hears like those impressionable minds that only ingest what is spoon-fed by its political or religious ideology. It is NOT steered by blind allegiance or obedience. It does not judge without substantiation. It recognizes injustice wherever injustice resides. It seeks the truth. It asks questions. It is independent. My mind is my own. You might not respect it, but I revere it.

- Aida. - May 2003

Links to Some Cool Sites:

"IDEAL DOLLS: Identification & Value Guide - 2nd Edition," by Judith Izen
Purchase the most comprehensive book about Ideal dolls -- directly from the author. This book features photographs of several Thumbelina dolls from my collection.
Che Henry Persival - June 2003
Che Henry Persival - May 2004
Read the whimsical writings of Che Henry Persival, the illustrious cat from Manhattan's Lower Eastside.
"Stolen Snapshots and Almost Alphabetical Musings from a Bungee," by Eric Zork Alan
Here's the link to my friend Zork's no-holds-barred poetry book.
Welcome to the Tweener Web Site
Take a walk down memory lane for all you in-be"tweeners" who grew up after the psychedelic '60s and before the "me-me-me" '80s...
Lisa's 1970s Nostalgia Cafe
Yet another retro site... (can't you tell that I'm stuck in a time-warp???)

Other Collector's Web Sites:

Greg Grant's site on Wacky Package stickers

Doll reference site of vintage dolls from the 50s, 60s, and 70s

The IDEAL Flatsy Guide

Beth Colvin's (formerly Gunther's) IDEAL Crissy Homepage

Judy Izen's (author of "IDEAL DOLLS: Identification & Value Guide") homepage


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