Other Vintage Dolls...

The dolls pictured below were released in the 1960s and 1970s.

[NOTE: All items below are from my private collection & are not for sale.]

(Click on each photo to enlarge it)

Click here to enlarge photo of Snugglebun

Above: 1965 Remco "Snugglebun" Doll
One of my favorite childhood dolls! Snugglebun comes with a battery-operated lamp and bottle-warmer unit.

Click here to enlarge photo of Storykins Snow White playset

Above: Hasbro Storykins "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" Playset
This adorable fairytale set includes Snow White, the 7 dwarves,
a table, two chairs, and a vinyl playhouse cottage. It is nearly impossible to find this set sealed in it's original packaging as pictured above.

Click here to enlarge photo of Ideal Bewitched doll

: "Bewitched" Samantha Doll by Ideal Toy Corp.
The doll above was released in 1965. What makes her very desirable
is that she was sold in the uncommon mail-order shipping box that stands
behind her. Ideal Toy Corporation created this doll in the likeness of
Elizabeth Montgomery who played 'Samantha' on the hit TV series "Bewitched."
Good luck finding this doll in her original or mail-order packaging...

Click here to enlarge photo of Ideal Tabatha doll

Above: Bewitched "Tabatha" Doll by Ideal Toy Corp.
Released in 1965, this doll is considered the most coveted collectible of all memorabilia released for the hit TV series, "Bewitched". The doll's back and neck are marked "1965 Screen Gems Inc. Ideal Toy Corp."
[NOTE: all early Tabitha memorabilia are spelt with a middle letter "a" (i.e., Tabatha) rather than "i" (i.e., Tabitha).]

Click here to enlarge photo of Horsman Mary Poppins set

Above: Mary Poppins with Michael & Jane by Horsman Dolls Inc.
Horsman was licensed by Disney to create these dolls in honor of its popular 1964 film. The Mary Poppins doll was designed in the likeness of Julie Andrews, and was re-issued for several years in variation sets. The trio pictured above is a hard-to-find boxed set.

Click here to enlarge photo of Littlechaps

Above:The Littlechap Family Giftset by Remco
This set is the rarest item in the Littlechap family toy line.

Click here to enlarge photo of Horsman Flying Nun doll

Above: The Flying Nun by Horsman Dolls Inc.
In 1967, Horsman released this 12-inch doll in the likeness of actress Sally Field who played 'Sister Bertrille' in the hit TV series "The Flying Nun".


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